Several characteristics combine to distinguish us among legal search firms. Our mission is to provide the best bespoke legal search services possible anywhere for specific clients and candidates whose needs align with our own strengths and capabilities rather to attempt to be all things to all clients or candidates. Our particular strengths include our deep practice perspectives born from many years working in and with the world's most elite law firms and corporations as well as our wide geographic perspective forged through many years working across multiple legal markets for growing clients.


Our founders are legal search veterans with decades of legal search experience at the highest levels and also elite legal practice experience as both law firm and in-house managing attorneys. We have routinely worked with the managing partners and executive committees of dozens of AmLaw-ranked firms over the years. We have also spent significant time partnering with the legal leadership of some of the world’s most innovative and important corporations. Such experience helps us understand the evolving heart of the legal industry. 


We opened Tower Legal LLC to create the platform from which we can offer the kind of legal search services that our clients and candidates need but find increasingly more difficult to find. We recognize that our returning clients and candidates want not only top results but also loyalty and the increasing ease of familiarity that long-term working relationships with trusted law firm search partners provide. Our boutique setting, with its emphases on quality of service and long-term loyalty, best achieves these goals. 

Though boutique in size, we are have an unparalleled amount of experience working across different legal markets, opening new offices in burgeoning markets and assisting with relocation-related searches for a firm our size. We remain as geographically open as our clients need us to be.


We only take on a select number of high-level, sophisticated assignments for our corporate and law firm clients, allowing us to focus, gain momentum quickly and achieve the tangible results that our clients and candidates demand. Similarly we work with law-firm candidates considering a lateral move on a selective basis so that we can stay both responsive and productive for those with whom we actively partner.

Our long-term goal is to build deep working relationships with clients and long-lasting professional amity with placed candidates, all constructed on a foundation of earned trust. From our long-term relationships we are able to reap the multiplying benefits of shared knowledge that such trust encourages.


We work with our clients to set up the most practical search arrangements (contingent, exclusive or retained) that fit their particular needs and the organization’s goals around timing, profile and other factors.  Our selective, boutique model allows us to pay our clients and their individualized growth priorities all the attention they deserve.


Our focus allows us to best serve our selected candidates and selective clientele, providing them with seamless and exhaustive results that are only possible via our bespoke boutique model. Our model intentionally avoids some larger legal search firms’ prioritization of high-volume marketing of as many opportunistic candidates as possible above all else. We are able to avoid undesirable consequences and ripple effects of high volume-prioritizing environments such as rigid geographic territoriality that limits recruiters' reach  and the devaluation of long-term loyalty when recruiters are pressed to focus on high-volume quotas to maximize numbers of both candidates and clients in play at all times. Our model also helps us avoid the myriad "do-not-contact" conflicts that can occur within larger environments and prohibit recruiters in such environments from contacting numerous otherwise desirable targets.


A particular strength is our wide geographic reach experience, which is unparalleled for a boutique legal search firm our size.

IN-HOUSE PLACEMENT WORK: We have placed General Counsel in multiple industries all across the U.S. (not just on the coasts but in various locations within each U.S. time zone). We have placed dozens of senior in-house attorneys in approximately half of all U.S. states as well. We have ample experience recruiting experienced candidates to relocate significant distances for desirable positions in growing and new offices of our corporate clients.

LAW FIRM LATERAL WORK: We have placed partner-led groups up and down both U.S. coasts as well as in many other vibrant legal markets across the U.S. heartland. We have opened numerous offices for growing firms in new markets by deploying our proven model that allows us to gain candidates’ attention and new market traction for our clients. We have also moved many experienced individual attorneys between law firms in dozens of U.S. cities, including significant cross-country moves. We have also assisted attorneys living abroad who possess U.S. bar admissions to relocate back to the U.S.


Although our past experience does include significant international legal search work, Tower Legal LLC’s current focus is on domestic U.S. legal search work.  Going forward, we may be  open to discussing international assignments on a case-by-case basis.


In order to maintain the quality of our focus, we only conduct searches to fill positions that require a J.D. or equivalent legal degree. We also only focus on permanent (non-temporary) level positions, as mentioned above.